Grandpap Called Her His “Old Duck”

Grandma was 100% Italian. Short, round and full of life. She learned to cook from Grandpap’s Mom. She passed her wisdom to our Mom. The most important thing Grandma taught us all was how food celebrates life.

The memories will last forever. The smell of her sauce that started to simmer before breakfast and made your mouth water all day.

The Birthday’s when she would cook your favorite meal. The smile she gave you when you were so full but you had to have just one more bite. The Christmases with family and friends, and “Duck” and Mom making homemade donuts, bakala and smelts.

Recipes were guides only. no measuring cups. “When cooking with love,” Mom would say, “you don’t need to measure. You can feel if it’s right.”

So from Grandpap’s Mom to “Duck” to our Mom, we’ve learned not just how to cook, but how to add love to the process. And so, after sitting around and talking about how much fun it would be to open up a restaurant with all the family working together …  welcome to Sarafino’s. As Duck would say “Sit. Eat” and enjoy our food, our family, our friendship

NOW Open for Lunch! Monday through Friday - doors open at 11 AM